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Women’s Business Networking

Sappho Women, Diva Destinations, Lesbian Getaways
Tourist Board Conference Room

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Calling all inspiring women in business from across the globe! Join us at the first-ever Women’s Business Networking event, taking place during the International Eressos Women’s Festival. 

  • Are you a seasoned businesswoman?
  • How about a social media influencer?
  • Or, just starting your journey in the business world?

No matter where you are on your professional path, this event is designed to bring women in business together to connect, unite, and empower one another. We have so much to learn from other women’s successes and yes, their challenges too!

What to expect:

  • A welcoming atmosphere to meet and greet fellow professionals.
  • Exchange information and ideas about businesses and projects.
  • Share advice and expertise.
  • Build lasting and trusted business relationships.
  • Discover a supportive community of like-minded women in business.
  • Learn ways we can support each other in our business endeavours.

This event is all about fostering an environment of growth and empowerment. Since it is taking place early on in the festival, you will have plenty of time to hold in-person meetings to collaborate further. We want you to feel comfortable being yourself and confident in sharing your experiences and knowledge with others.

Hosted by Sappho Women, Diva Destinations, and Lesbian Getaways, this shared initiative promises to provide a safe space for women from diverse backgrounds to come together and thrive!

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to network with inspiring women, learn from each other, and grow both personally and professionally. Join us at the Women’s Business Networking Event during the International Eressos Women’s Festival.

Save the date, and we can’t wait to see you there! Feel free to bring business cards, brochures etc to leave on our networking table during the event.

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