Wristbands & Tickets

2019 Wristbands and Tickets

  • Week 1 – access between 07/09 – 14/09/2019*: 45€ (25 x Week 1 Wristbands will be offered at a discounted price of 35€)
  • Week 2 – access between 14/09 – 21/09/2019: 40€ (25 x Week 2 Wristbands will be offered at a discounted price of 30€)
  • Week 1 & 2 – access between 07/09 – 21/09/2019: 75€ (50 x Week 1&2 Wristbands will be offered at a discounted price of 60€)

Why a wristband?
The wristband allows the organisers to tick a lot of necessary legal boxes in Greece that bypass the tight administration for handling money and issuing receipts on a daily basis. A wristband allows you to pay once, and get access to all the events at a hugely discounted rate.

This is how you will support your festival. It gives you free access to the headline events. This festival is yours and for 17 years Sappho Women has run it as a non-profit organisation. We rely on volunteers and pass many income opportunities to the village and local businesses. But the financial support does come from the women visiting. The wristbands allow us to put on world class acts, bring international DJs and to organise events and parties. The wristband sales allow us to continue with this annual event. You enjoy the festival – and you contribute to its success and its continuation!

Free access to:
All official Sappho Women events that are hosted in the Open Air Cinema, These include the Opening Night Party, Closing Night Party, Live Concerts, Movie Screenings, Sappho’s Alternative Fashion Shows, Drag King Shows, Cultural, sports and fun events.

Please check the events calendar to see which events are scheduled during the week(s) that you will be here

Discounts on:
Cruises, Day Trips and Excursions
Food, drinks, groceries and purchases at participating local shops and restaurants

What are the ticket prices if I don’t buy one?
In 2019 our funding model is continuing to change as the legal requirement of doing business in Greece get tighter. Visitors without wristbands will have to purchase a ticket for all official events. This will range from 10€ – 50€.

What if I am only coming for a week?
We’re delighted to offer three separate wristbands in 2019. One for Week 1 (valid between 07/09 – 14/09/2019*), one for Week 2 (valid between 14/09 – 21/09/2019), and one wristband for both Week 1 & 2, which is valid for the entire festival between 07/09 – 21/09/2019. Please note that the wristbands will be colour coded, so please make sure that you purchase your wristband for the week(s) that you are here.

(*) Please note that access to events on the evening of 14th of September is NOT included

What if I am volunteering?
Part of the formal volunteer programme is a volunteer wristband that gives you access to events and areas. This requires you to sign up as a volunteer through our online application form and commit to set hours of working per day.

What if I live or work in Eressos?
Local or seasonal workers are eligible for a discount to purchase a wristband at the reduced price of 25 euro. This wristband is valid for the entire festival between 07/09 – 21/09/2019. Please make an application at the Sappho Women office in person.

What if I am presenting a workshop or talk?
You will be given a discounted rate for a wristband. Please apply for that when you apply for a workshop space.

I am a tour operator and I want to bulk buy wristbands?
Please contact our offices directly for a discount for a group tour.

How will I receive my wristband?
Your wristband can only be picked up on location in Skala Eressos, either from the Info Spot at the local travel agency Sappho Travel, or at the Cine Sappho Magicnights open-air cinema, before the start of the events. We are currently unable to send wristbands to your address. Please bring a printed copy of your invoice or tickets with you to Skala Eressos, and with this you can pick up your wristband(s). Your invoice and ticket(s) will be e-mailed to you the moment you have successfully completed the checkout procedure on our website.

Legal terms and Conditions
Wristbands are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged. Leave your wristband on for the duration of the Festival, it is non-transferable and replacements will not be provided.

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