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Women of Light

Marianne Gubri & Thea Crudi
Cine Sappho Magicnights

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We are thrilled to be introducing ‘Women of Light’ who will be performing under the stars here on Sappho’s soil.

Two women come together to give voice to the goddesses, mystic women, saints, artists, healers and give a new breath to our days. Women of Light is a musical journey into Sacred Feminine Energy, which through various epochs and traditions, from Ancient India to Ancient Egypt, from Ancient Greece to the Celtic world, from Sufi mysticism to medieval Christianity, has always emanated pure energy of healing, balance, harmony and well-being. What a fitting way to celebrate and embrace women and creativity!

Women of Light are:

Marianne Gubri, Celtic & Modern Harp. Born in France now living in Italy, she combines an original and unique musical journey with a quest for personal development. She performs at numerous concerts and international tours. She has participated in more than 15 different recordings and released 3 solo albums.

Thea Crudi, Italian singer will perform alongside Marianne. Thea is an international Mantra singer, spiritual artist, writer, yogini, sound healer, who for several years has focused her spiritual research on sound as meditation, considering it a bridge connecting the visible and the invisible. She is also a teacher, performer, composer, speaker and for almost 10 years she has been called upon at various festivals, national and international conferences to give concerts, seminars and lectures.