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This event will provide an opportunity for those that are travelling on their own to connect with other Skala Solos. If you’re a little shy or anxious (or not!) about going to events, bars or restaurants on your own, then this is the perfect group for you!

This may be your first time at the festival, or you may be a seasoned veteran – it doesn’t matter. If you’re flying solo, do come along.

Your hosts will provide an informal setting for chats, over a beverage or tasty breakfast, about the Festival Programme and the events that you would like to go to with others.

About Vathou
I’ve been to the festival for several years and have a network of friends from all over the world. We all come together and reconnect for the festival, and it is simply magical. Special memories are made every year with special people. I’m loving the opportunity to help others make their own lasting connections.

Duration of group: 60 – 90 minutes