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On this full moon evening (18th September) this poet is equipped with 100 poems. The audience can request from 12 categories alternating, of course, with moon poems. Enjoy the beach and the words – see where they take you as a full moon rises.

Categories: Moon Poems, Love Poems, Season Poems, Birds & Animals, Trees/Flowers/Olives, Wind & Sea & Sky, Soul/Grace/Courage, Poetry/Poets/Portraits, Philosophy/Wisdom, Humanity/Universe, Haiku & Shorts, Math/Language/Holidays, Story Poems

About Ama

Ama was born in Madison, WI. I mention that because it is the capitol of one of the 50 U.S. States, it has an enormously respected university, and, I am a cancer. Somehow all of that matters. I never, ever thought I would be a poet. I was blessed, however, with two marvelous grandmothers, both teachers. I was raised with wisdom, education and confidence.