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Cat-Walker-DOAD Introducing

Pleasure, pain & poisonous exes

Town Hall Balcony

Pleasure, pain & poisonous exes: Processing ‘pants to pandemics’ in poetry and prose

From crazy new loves to relationship break ups, from new births to global pandemics, we hold a lot of stuff inside us, unprocessed. This workshop will explore how to write about our feelings in the form of poetry or prose in a way that lets us process them more fully. It could be a lot of fun, it could all end in tears, but it definitely won’t be totally pants (unless that’s what everyone really want to write about 😊 ). Please bring something to write with and on.

Disclaimer: this is not official therapy and the facilitator is not a trained therapist!

Cat Walker is a Doctor of Psychology by day and a writer by night. In her spare time she writes fiction and poetry and once co-wrote and directed the world’s first lesbian field hockey musical, ‘Honeybees: The Musical’, which sold out performances in Brighton, Eastbourne and the famous RADA Studios (formerly the Drill Hall) off the West End of London. She is a bestselling poet and her debut novel, The Scoop, published in 2020, was longlisted for the Guardian‘s Not the Booker Prize, and called “A wonderful tale of journeys, both geographical and emotional, that will keep you entertained at every turn” by comedian  Zoe Lyons.