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Flamingo Beach Bar - DJ CHROMA

Flamingo Beach Bar – DJ CHROMA

Flamingo Beach Bar

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After the Eressos’ Got Talent show in the open-air cinema, it is now time to party at Flamingo Beach Bar, with DJ CHROMA at the decks!

Flamingo Beach Bar: Owned and operated by Anita & Jo from the UK, this venue offers a friendly place to hang out for drinks, snacks, light meals and more. Throughout the summer season they put on a range of live music & djs.


DJ CHROMA: If you’d try to find a single genre that classifies CHROMA’s sound, you’d definitely end up failing. Although this DJ/producer’s heart is beating for minimal, she can also easily drop in a 80/90s pop song into her sets, and it’s these kinds of exotic, unexpected sounds that merge with bouncy techno and deep house (and all permutations in between) that create an eclectic, yet unified, style.

DJ CHROMA’s heart has followed an electronic pulse for quite some time now, having discovered her passion for this kind of music in the mid 90s. She finally dared to step behind the decks herself in 2001, DJing and developing the local scene by organizing parties at OXYT MUSIKCLUB in Lutherstadt, Wittenberg. It was only a matter of time, then, that CHROMA would move to the world capitol of techno: Berlin. With her technical prowess behind the turntables, her well-chosen track selection and her ability to entertain the crowd on a personal level, CHROMA quickly established a name for herself amongst the city’s DJ community.

See you on the dance-floor!