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Nonika mouthing off-web

‘Mouthing Off’ Book Launch with Nonika

Avatara Cafe Bar

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on the flip of a century

MOUTHING OFF IS A COLLECTION OF PERFORMANCE POETRY it lures you in with a stylish lilt then packs an uncompromising punch, knocking you head first into the critical issues of the late 20th and early 21st centuries, seen from the down side of white supremacist, capitalist patriarchy.

MOUTHING OFF was conceived and developed during the ultimate and primary decades of the 20th and 21st Centuries. It is a celebration, a call to arms, a diatribe and a lament from a black, working class, bohemian mother living in Inner City London. You might want to consider that what I have to say may be of consequence…
OVER, the first section, is a joyous howl of hedonism and a hymn to the transformative potential of dancing, sex, self-empowerment and life force.

Section two, MY, takes us into the problem territories. the soul-deadening apathy of commerce and the drip-feed addictive dry tit of hypnotic capitalism. Which, it would seem, we are thoroughly engaged, pushing the doom as far as it can go.

DEAD, section three continues into a more visionary and nuanced detailing of quite how fucked the world and its people are, a questioning of how we got here and what is needed to get out of it and undo the mess. In ourselves and with our tribes and on our planet.

The fourth and final section, BODY brings us to solutions, the ragged heroines and heroes who can make this change possible – the outskirt visionaries, the disenfranchised, the broken, the bereft. It is a clarion call revisiting the hedonistic liberation of the opening section, ending in a spirit of possibility, energy and hope that just might see us through.