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Theresa Robberts and Kaz

Motivational Talk, with Theresa

Theresa Robberts
Notia Jazz Bar

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Theresa Robberts, author of Blind Broken Brilliant, will be hosting interactive sessions with a bit of humour and a lot of heart. With only 3% sight and 97% attitude Theresa and guide dog Kaz will leave you inspired to find your own brilliance.

About Theresa

Theresa likes being in the driver’s seat – whether it be of her life, a 250cc Kawasaki or a friend’s restored Beetle. Being legally blind, the consequences are often serious, but also seriously funny. It is with this humour and bright-side-of-life attitude that she shares her story of trials and triumphs, of faith and fear, of love and loss, of depression and also the sheer determination with which she has and is overcoming any obstacles life might throw her way. She might be legally blind, life might have broken her a little, but Theresa remains through it all, quietly brilliant.