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Master mind self-steering with Wollie

Wollie (Volley)
Skala Eressos Town Hall

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Do you sometimes feel like someone else is commanding your ship, like your goals and ambitions are at odds with your emotions and unconscious activity?

Do you wish you could find the controls, or perhaps talk to the pilot—that most powerful part of yourself that is directing your life when your attention is elsewhere—and agree the desired path and course of action?

Having a channel of communication open between you and that very powerful part of yourself can be one of the most beneficial resources you can develop and can prove helpful in almost all areas of your life.

This workshop provides a calm, relaxed, fun opportunity to meet your pilot and to learn how you can start to work together to enjoy greater control and fulfilment in your life going forward.

Any questions about this workshop contact Wollie (Volley):

Email: info@t-act.info. (note the .info domain)

Website: http://t-act.info