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Kelly Marie as Cher!

Kelly Marie Live Performance

Kelly Marie
Cine Sappho Magicnights

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We’re excited to welcome back Kelly Marie, the UK’s phenomenal Cher tribute artist, for another dazzling performance at the 2024 International Eressos Women’s Festival!

Her artistic journey began at 16, marked by competition wins and diverse musical collaborations. In 2016, Cher’s legacy captivated Kelly Marie, igniting a deep exploration of the iconic singer’s life and work.

Kelly Marie meticulously studied Cher’s unique voice, style, and mannerisms, culminating in a stunning tribute act launched in 2017. This act has garnered widespread acclaim, recognised as one of the most compelling portrayals of the beloved star.

Beyond mere impersonation, Kelly Marie’s performance transports audiences on a captivating journey through the decades, leaving them spellbound. From intimate venues to grand stages, including town halls, theatres, weddings, and pride events, she has enthralled audiences with her authenticity. Many concertgoers, witnessing her Cher persona, have been genuinely convinced they were experiencing the real Cher!

When not mesmerising audiences, this compassionate individual dedicates herself to supporting others as a caring assistant. Her kindness extends beyond the stage, reflecting her genuine spirit.

Kelly Marie’s esteemed show-reel and positive media feedback solidify her exceptional talent as a Cher tribute artist. Get ready for an unforgettable and memorable experience at the 2024 International Eressos Women’s Festival with Kelly Marie’s phenomenal Cher tribute!

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