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Kelly Marie as Cher!

Kelly Marie
Cine Sappho Magicnights

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Kelly Marie, a talented artist hailing from the UK, has established herself as an incredibly authentic Cher tribute performer. Her musical journey commenced at the young age of 16, leading her to triumph in various competitions and collaborate with diverse musical groups. 

In 2016, Kelly became captivated by Cher, the iconic pop singer, embarking on an immersive exploration of the legendary artist. She dedicated herself to comprehending every aspect of Cher, from her unique voice and style to her distinctive mannerisms. After extensive research, Kelly unveiled her Cher tribute act in 2017, which has since garnered acclaim as one of the most convincing impersonations of the beloved singer.

Kelly’s tribute act transcends mere impersonation; it takes audiences on an unforgettable journey through the decades, leaving them spellbound. From intimate clubs and lively pubs to grand town halls, theatres, weddings, and pride events, Kelly’s performances have been widely celebrated. The authenticity of her act is such that concert-goers, beholding her Cher persona, have been convinced they were witnessing the real diva herself!

Beyond her musical pursuits, Kelly Marie is a compassionate individual who actively contributes to her community. When not gracing the stage, she works as a caring assistant, bringing joy to those she supports, just as she does to her enthralled audiences.

Kelly Marie’s esteemed showreel and positive media feedback serve as testaments to her genuine talent as a Cher tribute artist. Kelly Marie’s unforgettable Cher tribute promises to create an indelible and memorable experience at the International Eressos Women’s Festival 2023!