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Agapi Journey Through Chakras

Journey through the chakras with Agapi

Agapi Apostolopoulou
Skala Eressos Town Hall

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A tantric workshop that will help you feel the divine inside the body, open the heart and dive deep into the magnitude of pleasure!

There are ‘normal’ women and ‘natural’ women! The normal women consciously and subconsciously follow society’s “normas” (rules). The natural ones have deleted all these programs and live a life according to their nature. A normal woman needs to obey the patriarchic society, needs a doctor to heal herself, a psychotherapist to heal her soul and a priest to get in touch with the spirit. A natural woman is totally independent, she is a goddess living inside a human’s body! I strongly believe that when women become Natural from Normal our world will start changing!

About Agapi Apostolopoulou

I love taking people on a journey of discovering their Real Authentic Self. One of my passions is my ability to access Akashic Records and channel information directly through the Spirit. Another passion is to help people return to their bodies and reconnect to the Planet!

I give a variety of sessions and workshops in different places of the world, blending most of the time the secrets of shamanism, myths, art, tantra, dance and spirituality.
“I love to accompany people on their journey of inner and outer transformation. I am just giving the guidance of the journey, the merit belongs to the person who finds the courage to accomplish it!”

A part of my mission is to help with my tantric teachings the self-development of women. I believe that women need to find their power again, not from a Patriatrchic-competitive point of view but from the space of love and through their reconnection to their natural state of being!

When women empower themselves and return to their connection with the Divine, they can successfully contribute to the creation of a better world!