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Women Sacred Roots 1: Greek Love and Ecstatic Dances

We will learn to dance traditional Greek love dances rooted in Sappho’s time.

Ec-stasis in Greek means getting out of stagnancy and of our habitual pose in life.

We will get to know the philosophy of ancient Greek feminine ecstatic dances and dance.

About Dimitra Karaminou

My initial goal was to delve into Greece’s spirit and nature. Therefore, I have studied Archaeology at Ioannina University, Greece and in Germany and I have hiked on the Greek mountains to explore the habitats of the wild flora. Conducting my PhD in Heritage Education (both environmental and cultural) I have developed the skills needed to develop experience-based programs. I have carried out a post-doctoral research (post doc) at the British School of Archaeology in Athens and in 2006 I was honoured with the prize of the Academy of Athens for my work in Archaeology.

My life path led me to realise the importance of the excavation into one’s self get into a 4 years study of Somatic Psychotherapy. Today, combining the knowledge from the three fields (Archaeology, Ecology and Somatic Psychotherapy) I lead experience-based workshops in archaeological sites and in the nature for international public with the aim of soul healing, embodied spirituality, women empowerment, connections and self-awareness within a group and communicating ideas from the ancient Greek culture that are meaningful today.

Writing is my life-long passion. Beyond scientific papers in International Congresses, I have worked as a columnist in the National Herald (New York newspaper), I have written books, novels, scripts for documentaries and theatrical plays. In 2011 I was awarded with a prize in the International Literary Competition “The Parthenon marbles. The story of a theft or the theft of History”. Luckily enough I balance the writer’s sitting habits with my passion for dancing and kinesiology. Based on my above background and that from different yoga trainings and dancing schools I have developed the Ensomatografia method and the Greek Alphabet and Goddess Yoga. I organise and offer Retreats on Our Sacred Roots. Women’s Sacred Roots Retreat is a one-of-a-kind spiritual retreat that involves travelling to the Greek goddesses’ archaeological sites and offering experiential initiation in each one of them, together with self-insight and connection workshops. We feel the empowerment in the temples of the Greek Olympus goddesses: Athena, Demeter, Persephone, Aphrodite, Artemis, and Hestia. In the tradition of Sappho’s Circle, we get introduced to and enjoy the same natural environments, herbal scents, traditional flavours, ancient music, words, poetry, dance, love, and body language.