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Golden Nuggets Part One

Jody Potiker
Tourist Board Conference Room

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Have you gained valuable insights and wisdom that you would like to bring back to life and then share with others? You know the moments. The ones that caused you to shift course. The wisdom that rose out of hardship or illness. Maybe it’s the pearl of wisdom that was born from an unexpected success.

This first part of this two part workshop will support you in accessing and capturing one of your “golden nuggets.” Then, a few days later, you’ll have the opportunity to present it to the group if you so desire. These experiences are often accompanied by stories of transformation that we can all relate to one way or the other which is one of the reasons why this process is so amazing.

This first session will be a guided process to relax and go within to connect with your “golden nugget” and the story that wants to be told. We will take some time to write about it and then, over the next few days, you can elaborate on it if more details come to mind.

PLEASE NOTE: You do not need any writing or speaking experience. Our focus will be on the gift of your “aha” moments, not in your level of skill! You may attend just one or both sessions.

Please be on time to both of these sessions. Doors will close ten minutes after the start time so we can create a safe space conducive to this type of process. Bring a pen with you if possible.

Golden Nugget Part Two will follow on Sunday 17th September at 13.00pm and will be the opportunity to present our stories to each other as well as other women from the festival who are interested in sharing this intimate experience. Please, don’t underestimate the power of storytelling and its ability to create an intimate and expansive atmosphere.

Jody Potiker.

Jody organizes three popular women loving women meetup groups in the states, the most popular being a Southern California group called So Many Women…So Little Time as well as several Facebook groups and pages. 

In 2022 Jody created Lesbian Getaways and has been leading groups of lesbians on international trips to Greece. Her recent “Sacred Roots” journey last May was her favorite so far because she partnered with her archeologist friend to dive deeply into the beautiful Greek culture. Together, they explored ancient goddess sites, castles, museums, and Amazones Eco-land here on Lesvos. The experience was life changing for everyone. 

For most of her career, Jody was a chiropractor in San Francisco and trained in many other disciplines such as mediation, Non-Violent Communication, NLP, Reiki, The Reconnection Healing, hypnotherapy, breast thermography and massage therapy.

She is currently retired and loves leading women’s events, visiting her god family, playing pickleball, boating and leading groups to Greece to explore the culture she loves so much. She plans to spend much more time in Eressos in the years to come!  

For more information about Jody, please visit lesbiangetaways.com to join her mailing list.

Jody P photo