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Finding Love Within: Exploring Self-Love Through Cacao and Self-Reflection with Agapi

A brief self-development workshop and cacao ceremony focused on enhancing our connection to ourselves by nurturing inner love and complete acceptance of who we are.

Often, we seek love in various external situations such as people, possessions, food, and more, without realising that what we seek already resides within us.

In this concise workshop, you will experience a glimpse of self-love by immersing yourself in medicinal cacao, prepared with care and sacred spices, specifically for you!

About Agapi

Agapi was born in Athens, with a rich blend of Ethiopian and Cypriot heritage flowing through her veins. From a young age, she discovered her love for dance and began her journey as a dancer. She pursued her education at the University of Dancing in Athens, where she graduated as a ballet and contemporary dance teacher. During her formative years, Agapi found herself captivated by the passionate art forms of flamenco and Argentine tango, nurturing a deep connection to these expressive dances. At the age of 25, fuelled by her unwavering dedication, she made the life-changing decision to follow her true calling and immerse herself in the world of flamenco. She embarked on a transformative journey to Sevilla, Andalusia, where she honed her skills and embarked on a flourishing career as a flamenco teacher and dancer.

Today, Agapi is a devoted teacher who intertwines the realms of self development and dance. She embraces the profound impact that dance has on personal growth and empowerment, infusing her teaching with elements of self-discovery and personal transformation. With her diverse cultural background and extensive experience, Agapi brings a unique perspective to her students, guiding them to unlock their full potential.