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Nourish your Creative force

This workshop will provide tools to support and nurture your creative force. Kundalini Yoga uses sound, movement, breath, relaxation and meditation to charge up your vitality and move through subconscious blocks. This practice is know to enhance your radiance, lucidity and resiliency often needed for the completion of artistic projects. The practice uses breath exercises we build the pranic force to clear mental fatigue and clarify the mind.

We will also use targeted actions and movement to expand and move energy for self awareness and inspiration. The workshop will end with a meditation to invite universal support for your creative potential and projects. The art and science of kundalini yoga bolsters powerful energy to nourish artistic expression to bring the creative inspiration into manifestation.

Steph – Navjeet’, is a certified level two (2) Kundalini Yoga (500 RYT) teacher and trainer and also a Hatha style yoga teacher. She has been teaching kundalini yoga since 2011 and has contributed to L1 KY trainings, and she is an award winning filmmaker, Givelight.info. Steph deeply understanding the transformational aspect of yoga. She brings this awareness to her classes, workshops and trainings. They blend metaphysical themes with physical experiences to encourage perspective shifts that explore the essence of the true self. Her background covers a range of experiences from environmental science, herbal nutrition and filmmaking. Steph is available for workshops, retreats, private kundalini and meditation sessions, or film collaborations, contact her at steps@givelight.info