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Dinner Walk with Helene & Anna-Britta

Helene & Anna-Britta
Meet: Outside Sappho Travel

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The Dinner Walk takes us up to Eressos village!

This walk is the easiest and has for some become a tradition in the festival. The track goes across Kampos, the “fertile valley”, on dirt roads to the lovely village of Eressos.

At the beautiful village square a well-deserved Greek dinner wait for us at a local tavern.

Practical information
Time: 5.30 pm
Coming back: Some people walk but we recommend shared taxis.
Sign up latest at the festival info-spot.

About Helene & Anna-Britta

Anna and Helene are from Sweden and they are for many familiar faces in Skala Eressos. They came and fell in love with Skala Eressos many years ago and now they live part time here.

They want to show you something beyond the nice beach and the bars and to let you experience some of the lovely surroundings and enjoy nice food, in company with other women. As a bonus you get some exercise!

“Our aim is not only to present the place that we love. For us it’s also important that everyone feels included and that we all have a great time together. That’s what our hikes are about to walk, talk, and eat together.”