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Cynthia Way

Have you seen the movie about the origins of the Wonder Woman comic strip? That hot outfit, the lasso, the foray into submission to a loving authority—just wow!  

Through movement, scarves, and rope we will explore dynamics of dominance and submission in a light and fun way. Come prepared to lasso and be lassoed!

Free for wristband holders, 7 euro for non-wristband holders.

Cynthia Way, Master Certified Coach (MCC)

Cynthia’s passion is working with the lesbian/bi/queer/trans population with the following two goals: 1) to transform our limiting beliefs about sensual touch and sexuality and 2) experience soul-fulfilling relationships. She created a virtual community during covid and currently offers a Joy of Touch series and a year-long relationship intensive grounded in neuroscience and scientific research, emotional intelligence, spiritual principles, and various relationship and therapeutic modalities.