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Book Launch “Burning Down The House”

India Zoe Prema
Notia Jazz Bar

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When everything seemingly falls apart, there is good news; it signals an opportunity for growth, rebirth, a rise in consciousness, or a swift kick in the ass if we continue not to listen.

Burning Down the House is a book | workbook for those curious about transforming or shifting their lives. The shadow (hidden aspects of ourselves) is the driver of our patterns, conditions, programming and ultimately our beliefs. The place we live from. Unwinding, and unraveling from them starts to set us free.

Through the Dark Night of the Soul, several deaths and rebirths, shedding layers of unwanted conditioning, patterns, and programming. Transformation came alive in India so deeply her entire name changed. A very colorful journey from victim consciousness/mentality to self awareness and can be used as an inspirational tool.

Her story is a story of hope, encouragement, inspiration, vulnerability, truth, and authenticity. 

India Zoe Prema

When her life collapsed in 2008, India found herself living in anger, depression, isolation, and uncertainty.  After 5 years in the Dark Night of the Soul, she rallied herself into healing; gaining self-awareness, gratitude, and joy, with a meaningful purpose to her life.  All the while maintaining her long-term sobriety of 35+ years, after she was guided away from the fellowship with 21 years of sobriety.

As a Wounded Healer and utilizing her own mystical gifts, India’s work is transformative.

By gaining a clearer understanding of yourself, your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, conditioning, energy, and patterns, you can start to understand how you operate, and therefore how you react to the world at hand.

India works with all curious souls who are seeking to awaken to a higher level of consciousness through connecting with their shadow –self, where she creates a safe, enlightening, and interactive way to understand your-self, creating a more harmonious, aligned, and peaceful existence from within.

India leads workshops, retreats, and a guided online course.  She has a great passion for, and is an amazing substitute for traditional recovery homes, working closely with families of addicts and alcoholics. And serves a private clientele in person and over zoom.

India knows that it was her calling to go to such painful depths in order to serve others.


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