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ARXX Live Performance

Cine Sappho Magicnights

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The International Eressos Women’s Festival 2024 welcomes the electrifying Brighton duo, ARXX! Get ready for a live show that’s pure fire.

ARXX isn’t your average band. Remember those early days when finding the right band-mate felt like searching for a needle in a haystack? That was Hanni (vocals/guitar), struggling to find someone who shared her all-consuming passion for music. Enter Clara (drums), equally frustrated with the lack of a musical soulmate. Though not initial friends, their first meeting ignited a spark that’s now a roaring flame.

“Ride Or Die,” released last year, isn’t just the title of their debut album, it’s their ethos. There’s no room for giving up in ARXX’s world. They’ve clawed their way up, self-booking gigs and tours, fuelled by the raw energy of early releases like “Daughters Of Daughters EP” and “Wrong Girl, Honey EP.” Their infectious live show has already garnered praise from taste-makers like NME, DIY, and BBC Radio 1, and they’ve shared the stage with powerhouses like The Big Moon, Dream Wife, and Pillow Queens.

But ARXX’s story goes deeper than accolades. Their music is an evolution, a reflection of personal journeys. Early tracks channelled a raw anger, a release valve for Hanni’s songwriting. As she’s navigated life’s challenges, the music has evolved, becoming poppier, more polished, yet still retaining the heart-wrenching honesty that resonates with fans.

This honesty shines brightly on “Ride Or Die.” Think pop sensibilities with a healthy dose of grit, influenced by everything from their upbringings to powerhouse collaborators.

Don’t miss ARXX’s electrifying set this upcoming September at the International Eressos Women’s Festival! Their music celebrates passion, determination, and the power of female friendship.