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Paraskavoula 2

Aqua Fitness and Sand Training with V

Paraskevoula Glarou
In front of Avatara (on the beach)

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As a health, fitness and active life motivator Paraskevoula Glarou (also called V) will help you to exercise in the sea water and on the sand, by executing exercise programs such as aqua fitness and sand training. If you like to swim into the water, discover the power and strength of your body then aqua fitness is the session for you.

You will stay into the water for 20 minutes and then you will go out to the shore in order to follow the sand training program for 25 minutes.

This program is highly recommended for endurance, weight loss and stress release.

Based on V’s long experience in the body treatment, recovery and endurance V is glad to offer her  high quality services at Ikaria.  She has worked with a lot of sport teams (kick boxing, volley ball team , speed runners), for 2 decades in Athens, but the last 3 years she lives at Ikaria.
Her philosophy is to treat every attendant as a friend and not as a client, and that is the reason she offers personalised customer service.