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Anastasia ‘Stars’ Walker Lunchtime Gig

Anastasia 'Stars' Walker
Flamingo Beach Bar

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After her full superstar performance in the open-air cinema Cine Sappho Magicnights last night, Stars will enchant us once more today with a shorter lunchtime gig at Flamingo Beach Bar. Ey Up, a Yorkshire lass, at a Yorkshire lasses’ owned bar, in Greece!

Vocal powerhouse Anastasia ‘Stars’ Walker fronts the immensely successful UK band Bang Bang Romeo. They are a propelling force for female-fronted bands in a male dominated industry, and a strong and open voice for the LGBT community.

Stars’ “once in 20 years voice” is unrivalled and the group’s larger-than-life performances are sending audiences wild up and down the country, leaving them with jaws dropped and often reduced to tears.