A big shout out to all the lovely supporters of ‘Wine Women and Words’, and all women out there who are of ‘a certain age’. That is, pre, during or post menopause. Hot on the heels of the success of the Wine Women and Words events, you are invited to contribute to the first of the Menopause Monologues.

How is it / was it for you? Amusing, moving, enlightening, even uplifting? Or total hell? Poems, anecdotes, and stories of humour, serenity and survival particularly welcome. If you are unable to attend the event, (date, time and venue TBC), we will be happy to present your words on your behalf.

Submissions to be in by 31st July 2019


This does not replace the WWW events which will take place as usual. Prose/performance maximum 5 minutes or 1,000 words.

Both WWW and Menopause Monologues are women only events.

For further details and to send contributions, please contact: Karolina at lesvoslady@gmail.com