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The Landscapes of Sappho Tour

Chris Preece
Departure Outside Sappho Travel

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Chris Preece will host the following tour.

A trip connecting the ancient cities of Andissa, Arisvi and Pyrra which would have been familiar to Sappho. Visit the temple to Zeus at Mesa, bathe in the hot springs at Polichnitos and eat delicious fish, fresh from the Kalloni gulf at Achladeri.

About Chris
“I came to Lesvos because I finally ran out of excuses not to. I faced the lesbian that I am, and thankfully it turned out well, I ended up staying for 8 years. While here I wore several hats in women’s bars and hotels in Eresos but essentially, I fell in love with the whole Island; its stories, beauty, quirks and peacefulness. I’d love to show you some of these things.”