16th September 2018 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm Europe/Athens Timezone
Skala Eressos Town Hall
Sappho Women

Tatini will be offering the following event on Monday 10th September and again on Sunday 16th September from 6-8PM. Venue: Skala Eressos Town Hall.

A participant can ask a question and I will answer with the Tarot Divination. Then another participant can ask another question, etc.

Satsang means a gathering of a community of people that come together for experiencing the truth.

Tatini has been working with creative arts and oracle divinations for the last 30 years. She studied different meditation techniques in India, where she spends 3-6 months every year since 1980.

Tibetan Tantric Buddhism, Osho’s Multiversity and Advaita Non-Duality Teachings have created a space of wisdom, acceptance, intuition and love that she shares in her sessions.

Tatini also is a well known artist with 91 painting exhibitions on contemporary expressionistic intuitive art. She is a graduate from the Dance Academy Ellinikon Horodrama Rallou S. Manou and has the skills and the experience to use the expressive form of painting and movement as a tool for self-discovery and transformation.