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Kat chilton drag

Drag King Burlesque Gender Performance Workshop with Kat

Town Hall Balcony

For over 20 years Kat Chilton has been winning hearts and titles performing as various drag and burlesque personae. From the east coast of the United States to London, Amsterdam, and our own beloved Skala Eressos, she always finds a way to win our hearts and last in our memory.

Would you like to learn about gender performance from our first “Drag King of Eressos?” Here is your chance! Learn about the importance of character development, and see how it can put you more at ease on stage. Discover how music selection, theme, and content, work together to form memorable narratives. Stage presence, body language and movement will help your performance realize a new level of impact.

No props are required to study these basic concepts, but some light theory about costuming and gender illusion will be covered as well. Whether you’re a burlesque aspiring femme, a butch with an itch to impersonate your favorite male singer, or a non-binary queer with a unique gender identity to reveal to the world, everyone can take something away from this workshop. From the rooftop of the town hall, in the golden hour, we will have 90 minutes of beautiful Aegean scenery to take your next (or first) stage performance to the next level.