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Clowning with Calliope

Town Hall Balcony

“Bringing out the clown(-ess) that exists inside all women”.

“There is a clown(-ess) inside all of us!”

I’m 100% sure that there is a clown(-ess) in each woman (maybe especially in those who don’t believe it!). Though traditionally most famous clowns have been male, this has been changing over the last decades. I’m also sure that women are able to bring something extra special to the art of clowning!

Through clowning I’m sure a lot of repressed emotions can be released and worked through, so it can be incredibly therapeutic. Just opening up and being silly is a skill that has been often lost in hectic, modern life. Through interactive games and small performances I’d like to make the women feel confident to be “funny” and express themselves in a safe environment. Please bring along any props you may like to use.

I am a writer, actress and circus trainer from Berlin, Germany. In Berlin I’ve mostly worked as a circus teacher for the organisation “Cabuwazi without borders” with refugee children specialising in the subject of clowning and acrobatics. It has been shown that circus arts can be incredibly therapeutic for these children who have often experienced traumatic life experiences, and indeed here I could see first hand how much the children enjoyed it and how it was able to make their lives a little bit brighter.

Now working with women will be extra exciting!