15th September 2019 @ 10:00 am – 1:30 pm Europe/Athens Timezone
Flamingo Roof Top Terrace

You are invited to attend the Avenue Workshop, taking place on the roof of Flamingo Bar and if you want to continue, you have the opportunity to attend an unique Nagual Seminar in the afternoon from 3pm (we may go for a swim first) until 7.30pm (approx) at a beautiful and peaceful location in nature, just 2 km from Skala, under big trees and on the roofed terrace of a very nice old stone house. (transport will be provided).

During the workshop we will build bridges between different ways amongst women, who are experienced in meditation and spiritual and/or shamanistic work, and we seek to inspire, share visions and unique energetic processes with you: to prepare a pathway of your efforts, and dedication eventually to extend onto a smoother and broader Avenue in relation to a bit of uncertain future at hand.

The spirit of awakening and healing, so clearly needed, travels faster on “ shared and well prepared ground” than on “a long and winding road”.
Let us build with consciousness at heart during this workshop:
the energetic matrix of an Avenue of light, love and wisdom,
with enough space and freedom for different “vehicles”……
all rushing to assist the planet in these times of transition.

The Nagual Seminar will continue with sharpening and heightening your awareness to the exploration and hopefully also a bit of manifestation of your soul qualities through the instrumentality of a “re-formed “, updated ceremony based on a beautiful old Celtic ritual (sacred and secret).
As time is speeding, so do we, in introducing and aligning these ancient procedures with the knowledge of today and the needs of the future, apparently it is needed.

Sharing with you adventurously and responsibly, upfront and far back, deep and high, grounded and open, but under a strict code of ethics and with the blessings of love and light:
Life-force energy, earth healing and initiation ritual, a soul vision and awareness seeking process, a unique meditation and the joy of connecting with “bits and pieces” of the spiritual “herstory” in the present, past and future.
For those ” adventurous enough” to explore a bit into the special and unique new/ancient “Mantissa” work processes (Greek for spiritual Seeress, “priestess”) in both “fine-tuned” sensitive and powerful energetic rituals at the Mantissa Estate first and then “taken up to” and completed on Vigla mountain in a special ceremony with breathtaking views to all sides.

It will be an uplifting, very real and life-supportive process, indeed: of life, nature, and women- interconnecting and free again, to practice their own “brand” of supporting the planet and all life, as in ancient and more balanced times of awakening of human kind, yet to come!

If this resonates within you, you are ever so welcome to give it a try.
Greetings, Ahandra.

Ahandra is a “free agent” and a “down to earth” person, an experienced Trance Channel, creative spiritual teacher and seer with a long record of seminars and retreats on the “long and winding road”. behind her. The last years focus was on mentoring Shamanic teachers and advanced groups in GB and Denmark.