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Skala Women's Rock Club
Skala Women's Rock Club

Skala Eressos is famous for many things... its beautiful beaches, its beachfront restaurant and its magical summer vibe. But one of its most special traditions for women is taking part in the daily Skala Women's Rock Group.

It is approximately 400m from the nearest beach at Zorba the Buddha to the rock. The swim is through the crystal clear Aegean Sea where the depth varies from walking depth to 10m. 

The humble beginnings of Skala Women's Rock Group were formed in the summer of 2010 where a small group of women started to swim to The Rock and back for exercise, and to meet afterwards for a coffee and a chat. 

Last year 2500 swims were facilitated to the rock and back.

Every morning at 10.30am the swimmers for the day meet at Zorba the Buddha and swim out to the rock and back. For some swimmers this is easy and enjoyable. For some it is a test of courage. For many it is an opportunity to overcome a personal fear, mark a turning point or set a personal milestone. 

The swimmers are totally safe and are accompanied by kayaks. Over the  years Skala Women's Rock Group has developed and grown and gained international status with women joining the swim from many parts of the world. 

Come join us in this wonderful morning tradition every morning at 10.30am. Last year in 2015 the group moved between Zorba the Buddha and Margaritari as the sand moved away from the beach for a time. This year the venue will be decided, depending on nature. 

If you are new to the Festival this meeting point is a great way to connect, meet other women and find out what is on for the rest of the day. It's not just a swim, it's an institution. 


Meet daily at 10.30am

The swim takes 20 mins each way at a leisurely pace.

Keep an eye out for the venue as we are not sure of the beach access yet.

Bring goggles if you have them or you can always borrow a pair on the day. 

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    • Wendy Jansen

      Kalimera! It usually takes between 10-15 minutes to reach the rock, and after a little rest the return takes about the same time. The swim is very easy-going and all women can swim at their own pace, so some women will swim a bit faster, while others swim a bit slower. There is always a kayak around for support, and you can of course wear flippers and goggles if you want. Hope you’ll be able to join us this summer! X

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