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Writing Workshop - Dutch Language

Dutch writer and columnist became very well known through her book Alles went behalve een vent ("One gets used to anything, except a guy") which was released in 1990.

Far from being a dogmatic sexist discourse, the book is a collection of columns highlighting idiosyncrasies of all sorts of men - equally making fun of typical reactions of women to such male behaviour.

The book was a hype in the Netherlands and Flanders in the 1990s, for its unusual approach: Kroonenberg's blunt, but inherently funny depicitions of typical male vs. female situations rather bridged the gender gap, than that it acerbated that divide.

The impact of the book in Dutch-speaking countries may be compared to that of John Gray's 1992 book Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus in English-speaking countries, but that's where comparison between these books ends: Kroonenberg's book (and its sequels) has nothing of the systematic approach of Gray's Mars & Venus books.

Eventually "Alles went behalve een vent" ("went" rhyming with "vent") became a stock phrase in Dutch, indicating "typical" male negligence or chauvinism, a sort of equivalent, but much less offensive, of the expression male chauvinist pig in English.

Writing Workshop in Skala Eressos

Yvonne gives you all the insights into writing through her 2 day workshop during the Eressos Women's Festival 2006 on Lesvos.

Why is something you write funny ... or not? How can you transfer an emotion onto paper? This workshop is in Dutch language and will teach you more about using correct grammar and spelling.

Monday 18/09/06 (session 1) from 09.30 to 12.00
Tuesday 19/09/06 (session 2) from 09.30 to 12.00
Costs & location to be advised shortly

It is possible to pre-book your place in the workshop by sending an e-mail to us. The e-mail will also be sent to Yvonne so your interest will be noted !

Sign Up Here for the Writing Workshop with Yvonne Kroonenberg!

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