Musical Theatre: Deep in the Heart of Me

September 15, 2016 @ 8:30 pm – 10:00 pm Europe/Athens Timezone
Open Air Cinema
Free to wristband holders otherwise 8 euro

Deep in the Heart of Me

A musical theatre production by Ali Child and Rosie Wakley



About the Show

Thirty years on from ‘Shirley Valentine’, Janet meets the woman of her dreams, in a suit and tie singing Frank Sinatra songs. With her husband and kids back home, Janet knows taking this holiday to the lesbian island of Lesbos is a departure in more ways than one. 

This partly auto-biographical play, devised by Ali Child and Rosie Wakley, uses songs from the Rat Pack repertoire to tell the story of a middle aged, conventionally married woman who comes to Lesbos and falls in love.

Ali and Rosie met at the Women’s Festival in 2013 and this show is their celebration of that encounter and all that has happened since.

Our Story

Behind the Lines is a theatre company set up in 2014 by Ali Child and Rosie Wakley to put lesbians centre stage and tell their stories.

Their first show, ‘All The Nice Girls’ was nominated for L Fest Arts Stage Event of 2015 and went on to tour the UK and sell out at the Edinburgh Fringe. ‘Deep in The Heart of Me’ is their latest creation which began life at the Brighton Fringe in May. It’s a lesbian Shirley Valentine tale, set in Wiltshire, Brighton, Lesbos and Texas.

Described by critics as ‘hilarious, witty and heart breaking’ the play ‘induces a constant stream of laughter from the audience.’


‘Each song - mostly Rat Pack - is performed for maximum comedic effect, as the pair hilariously act out their clumsy falling for one another; from the awkward winks and nods off to the audience to the lustful looks at one another. The songs are mixed with rib-tickling dialogue, and great use of projections. The play feels warm, layered, and captivating.’ 

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